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The best suited for coarse, not-so-fine hair that reaches over your shoulder.   The look generally is for if you are going for looser curls at the hair ends and softer overall curls for the perm hair.

With digital perm, you can achieve long lasting wavy, spiral perms that were previously achievable only with hot rollers or curling irons, which caused damage to your hair. It makes the curls appear loose when your hair is wet and most prominent when they are dry. Unlike other regular perms, this technique leaves resilient and natural waves, giving you complete control and making them easy to maintain. One of its highlighting benefits is that no chemicals are used in the process, as the curls are achieved by the heat induced electricity.

At Natural Creations Salon, our highly trained and seasoned hairstylists use the latest technology to ensure the process is effective and the curls last for a long time, without damaging your hair. It is perfect for customers with long to medium hair lengths and adequate volume, who desire bouncy, volumizing curls. Moreover, they are suitable for people who blow dry their hair every day, but don’t have enough time to visit a salon often.


Offers a lighter look and natural wavy appearance, if you are not going for a spiral look.    This perm is slightly messy looking and emanates a youthful sexy feel.

Are you tired of your lifeless, regular curls that start to lose their charm after a few washes? With our digital hair perm, you can now relish shiny, silky, fuller curls that stay the same way even after blow drying. Our special technique allows for higher versatility and improved curl retention with little to no damage to your hair.

Should you get Digital Perm?

Whether you are looking for wavy, spiral or loose perms, our hairstylists will help you pick the best style and ensure to give your hair the fuller, bouncy look you have always wanted. We will explain you the right way to take care and maintain your hair so that the curls last for a long time and retain their look. For booking an appointment at Natural Creations Salon, you may fill an online form or contact one of our three salons.

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